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Celebrating 40 Years of Service & Success – The EBF Way


The EBF turns 40 this year! The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) has been proudly serving CSEA members and their families since 1979.

Originally established to provide dental benefits to New York State employees, the EBF now provides dental, vision, and other benefits to more than 125,000 state employees (including the employees of the Unified Court System) and their families.

In addition to the state workforce, EBF provides benefits for 134,000 CSEA-represented employees of local governments and their dependents.  The EBF provides benefits to 614 local government groups, including counties, towns, villages and school districts.

The EBF processes almost half a million dental claims each year.  Since we were established in 1979, the EBF has paid out nearly $2 billion in dental claims.

Over the course of 40 years, a great deal has changed.  Advancements in the way we use technology has improved the way that we process claims and helped to make the EBF more accessible to our members.  Because of the EBF’s presence on the internet, and on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it has never been easier to connect directly with our EBF team.

This year, in celebration of the EBF’s 40th anniversary and as part of our commitment to making our benefits meaningful to the membership, we are launching a series of informational videos to help members navigate our website and save time if they have questions about EBF benefit options.  The first video installments have already been posted and can be viewed at www.cseaebf.com/videos.php.

As we celebrate 40 years of service, we promise to do all that we can to make the EBF even better.  We are proud of what we have built at the EBF.  We want to do all that we can to make our members feel the same way.

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