New CSEA President EBF Chairperson Takes Office


On Thursday, October 31, 2019, CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) Chairman Danny Donohue retired after 25 years of service as EBF Chairman and statewide CSEA president. Upon this vacancy, CSEA Executive Vice President Mary E. Sullivan, immediately assumed the office of CSEA President and will now serve as the Chairperson of the EBF Board of Trustees effective November 1, 2019.

Mary E. Sullivan is a highly respected labor leader who served for many years as an EBF Trustee. She was first appointed as an EBF Trustee in June 1994. Mary is very familiar with the EBF’s structure and mission, and has consistently supported the Fund’s purpose in serving the dental and vision benefit needs of CSEA members and their families. She is committed the EBF’s goals of using technology to provide members with better and more meaningful access to their benefits and is a firm believer in fostering a communications partnership between the EBF and our members. It was President Sullivan who initiated the EBF’s newsletter for members and retirees. It remains her firm belief that members who understand their benefits can, in turn, use their benefits for better overall health and wellness.

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